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A Special Level of Care

    When you arrive at Woof Style we will undertake a thorough consultation with you, during which we will discuss your preferred style for your dog, based on their coat type and body proportions as well as your lifestyle. We consider each dog as a whole including any medical, psychological or behavioural issues that they may be experiencing.

    Before we start the grooming process your dog will be given some time to roam free and investigate their surroundings. It is essential for your dog to get used to their surroundings and feel relaxed and comfortable with the environment and groomer before we begin the groom.

    We carry out a basic health check with each dog to check for anything which may affect how we carry out the grooming process, for example any sores, mats or sensitive areas.

    The entire groom is carried out at a pace suited to each dog. The grooming process can be tiring for a dog, so breaks are given when needed.

    We use a gentle, patient and kind approach to reassure nervous dogs, calm the more energetic dogs and encourage the older or quieter dogs.

Dogs are our passion and we truly love what we do!

Every dog is individually assessed - from behavioral needs to skin, coat and grooming style.

Bespoke treatments are made to fortify and enhance the dog and capture the individual uniqueness of the breed and personality.

This tailor made service ensures that the very best is enhanced and captured. The finish defines a healthy and unique look for your beloved dog.

We only serve one dog at a time, making sure that our full attention is on making sure your dog is calm and relaxed.

We also use high-quality ingredients to make sure your dog is looking its best!

Don’t settle for less for your precious dog; give them the grooming that they deserve. You won’t regret it.

My sunshine doesn't come from the skies,

It comes from the love in my dog's eyes.


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